My podcast is finally on Itunes!

FORWARD! My own podcast, Babybabypodden, is now on Itunes! This makes my very pleased as I spent many hours trying to figure out why Apple was giving me a hard time.

I have already produced the first three episodes of my new podcast. It’s in Swedish (so far) and has its own brand new website here. The podcast is about life with little kids and is kind of a sibling to my website where I publish videos and texts on breastfeeding and baby wearing.

Every time I’ve tried getting Itunes to register my podcast, though, it has told me there’s something’s wrong with my Apple ID. In order to register a podcast with Itunes, you are told to go to Itunes Connect. Which, in turn, leads to Podcasts Connect.

A couple of nights ago I spent hours trying to get things right. Podcasts Connect said I needed an Itunes Store account – which I already had – and I was sent into a seemingly endless loop, tossed between my Apple ID account, Itunes Connect and Podcasts Connect.

For a few minutes I just wanted to give up everything. Producing a high quality podcast while trying to survive as a freelance journalist whilst trying to keep three little kids (6, 4 and 2 years) reasonably happy and not too traumatized due to Mom constantly working on the computer – it’s not easy. Add hours of internet loops without a solution in sight and energy levels drop to nil.

But today I see the light again. Erik, a neighbor and web developer, helped me figure it out yesterday. Don’t ask him exactly what worked, because I don’t think he’ll be able to tell you. But the key was to try to buy something on Itunes. I haven’t bought anything from Itunes for years. We pretended I was going to buy a Jay-Z record and then Itunes asked me to fill out some additional payment information. I never bought the record but once the additional payment details were in place my Apple ID suddenly worked like a charm. And I could add my podcast to I-tunes. Thank you Erik. Didn’t now Jay-Z was the key to it all.

In future blogposts I will tell you about my podcasting journey. I will give you my best advice on producing high quality radio and interesting stories. I’ll tell you about how I wish to shape my own narrative style (that may change, with time). And I will share with you my technical/computer/marketing challenges. I am an experienced radio journalist, having spent more than a decade at Swedish national public radio as a producer and reporter. The rest, however, is still pretty much a mystery to me. How do I get others to listen to my podcast? Is it possible to make money podcasting independently? I will learn things as I go along and will share my difficulties, goofs and joys with you here.


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